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<a href=" ">meizitang</a> botanical slimming soft gel for sale
1.Meizitang zisu slimming pill meizitang for sale
Lose 20-30 lbs per month 100% herbal and safe
350mg x 30 capsules /box,

2. Meizitang strong version bottle
"MSV" on pills with laser , 650mg*36 pills

3. Meizitang New Version Meizitang slimming tablets
36 mzt soft gel for sale cheap meizitang

4. Meizitang old version weight loss
36 soft gel, meizitang slimming gel

5. Meizitang botanical slimming (Blue Capsule)
Weight loss 30 Ibs monthly.Meizitang OEM

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Product Information

New Version <a href=" ">meizitang</a>slimming tablets

Meizitang Herbal Slimming Capsules

Mechanism of Action of this New Version Meizitang slimming tablets:

Accelerating the fat metabolism and reducing fat accumulation. Eliminating free radical in body and delaying skins turning senile by antioxidant.

1) Extracted from plants, thus it is without any toxicity, could be used safely
2) It works as long as you take it and it' s very easy to take, just 1 capsule/ time/ day
3)Meizitang is processed by GMP producer, complying with sanitation standards, could be taken without worry
4) We can produce it according to customers' requests or OEM procedure
5) No diarrhoea, no rebounding, reduces redundant fat but not water
6) Soft capsule, fast to absorb

New Version Meizitang slimming tablets Applicable For: people over 18 or under 60 years

New Version Meizitang slimming tablets Specification: 650mgx36pills

Usage & Dosage: 1time/day, 1capsule/time, with or without breakfast

Storage: Store in airproof, cool, and dry conditions

Standard Compliance: Q/KL2004-03

Approval Code: YWSZZ [2007] No.530100-002310

From best Meizitang New Version Manufacturers & Meizitang New Version Suppliers Directory

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MEIZITANG botanical slimming capsule

Product Details

MEIZITANG botanical slimming capsules is the most popular way to lose weight healthily in the world. MEIZITANG is mainly made from koala, guar gum, violet medicine alfalfa, the acknowledged pure & natural plants for beauty, skin care, and weight loss by the Dai nationality in Yunnan. Besides, based on Chinese traditional  medical theories, MEIZITANG soft gels are also extracted from 19 precious Chinese medicines, such as Atractylodes tonifies digestion, lotus leaf, astragalus, alisma orientalis, and apoeynum venetum leaves and so on.
Meizitang soft gel has the effetcts of boosting energy, reducing fat, removing dampness, promoting blood circulation, removing blood stasis, etc. In this way, meizitnag soft gels help losing weight, without any diet, withought rebound!

Effects of meizitang original formula:

1. At different weight loss stages, meizitang,  with the direction of modern nutriology theory, adovactes "eat enough, eat well, lose weight in a healthy way" to guarantee basic and normal diet, only weight loss in the needed body part, no rebound!
2. Koala not only reduces fats, but also maintains muscle and body moisture:
First reducing fat in waist and abdomen by balanced nutrition to the cells, Recovered metabolism rates, to cut off the causes of rebound!
then more nutritions to cells can  improve metabolism and internal secretion for you to lose weight faster, be more energetic, and have better complexion!
3. Guar gum can activate smooth muscle cell (SMC) to make stomach be flexible, and back to the normal size, so that one will not eat or drink too much; fats in fat cells already burned, and back to the normal size, it is hard for the fats accumulation, thus the normal metabolism can be achieved!
4. Atractylodes tonifies digestion, basil, lotus leaf, hawthorn, cassia seed, alisma orientalis, etc. in meizitang capsule reduce weight by burning fat in body, to avoid suppressed appetite, or side effects like diarrhea or tiredness; Cape Jasmine Fruit in meizitang botanical slimming capsule promote fat decomposition; vine root in meizitang can reduce and narrow fat cells.

Mechanism of MEIZITANG botanical slimming capsule:

1. Quick weight loss with meizitang capsule:
ONE meizitang capsule is equal to 3-hour excercise. One meizitang can help preventing 100-200g fats composition. More healthier diet with meizitang!
2. 100% Natural Healthy meizitang weight loss! No Diarrhea! No Side Effects!
The effective ingredients of weight loss botanical meizitang are all natural and safe. No need to make a plan to lose weight! Meizitang soft gels brighten and beautify your skin! Meizitang extracted from all natural plants, no toxicity, no harm to the boby, improves blood flow and antioxidizing ability.
3. Directional fat decomposition: reduce the extra fat, meanwhile keep the body moisture
Original Meizitang burns fat not by reducing water in body, but the decomposition in legs, waist, abdomen, buttocks, arms, and face. Fat loss in these parts in the short term shapes a beautiful body!
4. Breasts will not be small after reshaping body and reducing fat by original meizitang. Instead, meizitang helps ladies to regain a beautiful figure! Meizitang botanical slimming capsules, with different kinds of natural plants from Yunnan, maintain the  main elements for women, for the purpose of dynamic weight loss. Meizitang gives you a better, healthier, balanced, slender figure to stand out in the crowd, and look more beautiful and comfortable!
The dynamic weight lose by meizitang can keep the effects for at least 4-10years, without any rebound!

Meizitang capsules Suitable for:

1. with high Lee Index (the standard to evaluate the fat of body)
2. partial obesity
3. use many slimming products, but no results
4. fails after many weight loss plans
5. cannot insist on a diet

3 Golden Sayings from Meizitang weight loss for YOU:

1. Have a regular life! Do Not stay up too late! Do Not overwork!
2. Have a regular diet! Do not eat or drink too much! Eat less in the evening! Better no night snack!
3. Have Regular exercise, Balanced exercise!

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