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New Version <a href=" ">meizitang</a>slimming tablets

Meizitang Herbal Slimming Capsules

Mechanism of Action of this New Version Meizitang slimming tablets:

Accelerating the fat metabolism and reducing fat accumulation. Eliminating free radical in body and delaying skins turning senile by antioxidant.

1) Extracted from plants, thus it is without any toxicity, could be used safely
2) It works as long as you take it and it' s very easy to take, just 1 capsule/ time/ day
3)Meizitang is processed by GMP producer, complying with sanitation standards, could be taken without worry
4) We can produce it according to customers' requests or OEM procedure
5) No diarrhoea, no rebounding, reduces redundant fat but not water
6) Soft capsule, fast to absorb

New Version Meizitang slimming tablets Applicable For: people over 18 or under 60 years

New Version Meizitang slimming tablets Specification: 650mgx36pills

Usage & Dosage: 1time/day, 1capsule/time, with or without breakfast

Storage: Store in airproof, cool, and dry conditions

Standard Compliance: Q/KL2004-03

Approval Code: YWSZZ [2007] No.530100-002310

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